Text me -free online send text message and HD video call or voice call Apps

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Free Texting (real SMS messages) to an
Phone number in the United States,
and 40 countries. Free HD Voice and
Calls to both Android and IOS (IPhone,
TextMe is a cross-platform (IOS, Android
messaging application that allows you to
send text messages to any phone numbe
United States, Canada, Mexico and 40
countries in the World for FREE. Also, if
your friends install the app as well, you
be able to do a lot more with them,
CALLS between Android and IOS (iPad,
iPhone and iPod). So Sign up, share
with your friends and start a call or a
chat for free. Of course, you can also
them for free!
What makes TextMe different? With
you and your friends can: – Send Texts
SMS messages) to any number in the
States, Canada, Mexico and more than 4
countries worldwide FOR FREE – Enjoy
HD Voice and Video Calls to other
users across Android and IOS (iPad,
and iPod) – Watch videos to earn free
calling minutes to any phone number in
United States , Canada, Mexico, Brazil,
Australia, China, Pakistan, Philippines,
France, Germany, UK, Turkey and 39
countries (1) – Get your own TextMe
number, receive and send SMS message
from your TextMe number and place and
receive calls from your TextMe phone
number – Easily find your Facebook
on TextMe and Chat, Call and Video Cha
with them for free – Send and Receive
pictures & videos from Android, iOS or
Windows Phone 7 devices – Enjoy group
texting features with text, photos and
– Get notified when your message is
delivered and read by your friend Other
goodies that come with TextMe: –
speed and performance of the app –
login with Facebook – Push Notification
for new messages: never miss an
text! – Free Voice messages
(1) Countries that can be called from
TextMe include : Bolivia, Brazil, Chile,
Columbia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic,
Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador,
Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala,
Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong, India,
Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Luxembourg,
Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands,
Antilles, New Zealand, Nicaragua,
Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines,
Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago,
Turkey, UK, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Best 5 High Paying Affiliate Programs You Can Use To Monetize Your Blog

Adsense is not just a single way to
monetize your blog, rejection of
adsense application doesn’t mean
that you cannot monetize your blog
anymore. You can find various
different alternatives of adsense and
among them affiliate marketing
program is one of the best.
The best part of affiliate programs is
that they doesn’t have any strict rules
and policies before applying. It
means that you don’t have to worry
about your site age or daily visitors,
you will get accepted instantly after
applying. As being a blogger I have
been promoting best affiliate
programs in my blog and making
enough money from it.
If you notice in the advertisement
section of my blog you cannot find
any third-party ads because I am
making enough money from affiliate
marketing programs. Within my
entire blogging carrier, I have been
promoting various affiliate programs
and by determining the services and
commission rates I have created the
list of best 5 high paying affiliate
marketing programs for bloggers who
want to earn more money from their
Before writing the review about those
best high paying affiliate marketing
programs let’s have a quick
introduction of affiliate marketing.
What is affiliate

According to Wikipedia “Affiliate
marketing is a type of performance-
based marketing in which a business
rewards one or more affiliates for
each visitor or customer brought by
the affiliate’s own marketing
In affiliate marketing process you
will be promoting any of the brand
or software in any manner (blog
writing, forum posting, banner
displaying and etc) and you will be
paid for each sales generated through
your promotional link.
For example you are promoting a
web hosting company and if any of
your visitor goes through your
unique promotional link and
purchased any of the hosting package
then you will be paid few percent of
commission for that sale.
This was the quick overview about
affiliate marketing and now its time to
review top 5 best high paying affiliate
marketing programs.
Best 5 High Paying
Affiliate Marketing
Programs You can Use To
Monetize Your Blog

The affiliate marketing programs that
I am going to list here are based on
my 2 years of personal experience
and therefore here in this post I will
be reviewing best 5 high paying
affiliate marketing programs by
comparing their commission rate,
minimum payout, payment methods
and their terms and policies.
1. MyThemeShop Affiliate Programs
MyThemeShop is a WordPress theme
development company with more
than 167000+ satisfied customers in
the world. MyThemeShop only
provides fully seo optimized and
responsive wordpress theme with
lifetime support to their customers.
No matter which version of
wordpress you are using theme
developed by mythemeshop works on
almost every version. Moreover the
best part of mythemeshop is the
prices they offer, I don’t think that
there are any other cheapest theme
provider in compared to
Why MyTheMeShop Afiiliate Marketing
Program is best
MyThemeShop is not just a theme
development company, it is also one
of the best monetization platform for
bloggers. The affiliate program
offered by mythemeshop is just
incomparabl because the
commission rate provided by
mythemeshop is too high (70%) in
compared to other affiliate
As I am using MyThemeShop affiliate
for more then 5 months, I have made
more than 500$ just from its affiliate
program. It really motivates me a lot
to blog on and to share my
experience with other beginners.
No minimum payout value
2 years ago I started my affiliate
journey form a hosting affiliate and
made my first sale from it but as my
blog was not getting enough traffic I
was not able to withdraw that
earning until I meet the minimum
threshold value i.e 100$. Since, my
blog was not getting enough visitors
it took 4 months to get another
affiliate sale and at last after 4
months I was able to withdraw that
So, if you are a beginner then you
must choose MyThemeShop affiliate
program because you have no any
criteria to earn and withdraw your
60 days return cookie
What if your visitor clicked your
affiliate link and signed up after 1
week? Do you loose your commission
or you will get paid for that sale? Of-
course if you are using
MyThemeShop affiliate program you
will get paid if your visitor signed up
within 60 days because mythemeshop
offers 60 days return cookie.
Customizable Coupon code
It is one of the great feature that
mythemeshop offers. You can
customize the discount percent and
commission that you are going to
earn. More the commission is less the
discount will be and less the
commission is more the discount will
2. DreamHost Affiliate Program
DreamHost is Los Angeles based web
hosting company founded in 1996.
Their web hosting plan starts with
$8.95 per month but if are
promoting their affiliate program
then your visitors can get 1 year of
hosting just at $22.4.
Dreamhost directly offers $97
commission for each sale but if you
want to provide discount to your
visitors then you can create you
coupon code and when your visitors
uses that coupon code then you will
get some percentage of commission
from that sale.
I recommend you to give discount of
$50 because then you can get
commission of $47.
DreamHost also offers long-term
profit plan. In this long-term plan
you will get 10% of direct
commission through each new
referral and 5% of all payment
forever from the secondary referral.
3. Bluehost Affiliate program
Bluehost is another great webhosting
company founded in 2002 and is
considered as another high paying
affiliate marketing program.
Bluehost is currently offering $65
per referral and unfortunately
bluehost doesn’t offer any coupon
code discount for your visitors.
Bluehost hosting plan start from
$3.49/month which is cheaper than
other hosting providers plan and for
their affiliate marketers bluehost
offers $100 of minimum payout.
4. Hostgator Affiliate Program
Hostgator is another great affiliate
marketing program for beginner
bloggers. As Bluehost hostgator is also
one of the popular web hosting
company offering hosting just for
$3.96/month. For their affiliate
marketers hostgator pays $50 per
each sale but when your sale is above
5 then you will get $75 per sale. For
more detail about the commission
paid by hostgator see the picture
Some Great feature of HostGator
Earn upto $125 per sale
Commission paid using PayPal
and Check
Same as Bluehost the minimum
payout of Hostgator is $100 and your
each commission will only be paid
after 45 days of signup.
5. SiteGround Affiliate program
SiteGround is one of the best high
paying affiliate marketing program
with no minimum payout value, it
means that you don’t have to wait
until you meet the minimum
threshold. The commission provided
by SiteGround is same as Hostgator
but SiteGround pays commission
weekly whereas hostgator pays after
45 days. As you know that the hostng
plan of hostgator starts at $3.96
whereas hosting plan of siteground
starts at $3.95.
Some Great features of SiteGround
Earn upto $125/sale
Commission paid each week
No minimum payout rate
Real time tracking of your sales
and commission
Also read : How To Start A Successful Blog Or
Website In 5 Minutes
My last speech
These affiliate programs are the
leading affiliate programs in the
world.Many bloggers are making a
huge money from those affiliate
programs.You may also use it.It’s
better than any other ppc advertising
If you know about more high paying
affiliate programs then let me know
in the comment below.I will add
those affiliate programes also.
Happy blogging and keep visiting my

blog for this type of exciting tutorials.

Zippo Blogger Template : it's Free Download

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About Theme : Zippo Blogger Templates
is a user friendly template, where a
visitor can easily choose their desired
post. Labels are injected on top left of
every thumbnail. 3D style subscribe form
clipped on top of the sidebar. Zippo
have an option to change template's
scheme in 12 different colors. Beautiful
fixed menu bar with thumbnails along
with text links. We managed to enhance
blogger's default social share buttons.
Flatform Type : Blogger
Template Name : Zippo Blogger
Intructions : Tutorial Install Blogger
Author Name : Naveed Iqbal
Design Url : www.bloggertheme9.com
Publisher : www.Techupdate365.Com


I have talked about importance of
custom domain name for BlogSpot
blogs so many time, and anyone
who is on free blogging platform
like BlogSpot.com or
WordPress.com, it’s my
recommendation to use a custom
domain name instead of free
domain name. If you are a starter,
let me clear your doubts regarding
free domain name Vs. custom
domain name.
When you start a blog on
BlogSpot.com, you usually get a
domain name like
(name.blogspot.com) and this is
what we call as a free domain name.
Where as custom domain name is
something like name.com.
There are endless benefits of using
a custom name for your BlogSpot
blog instead of free name, and you
can read all about it here. Now,
setting up the custom domain
feature in BlogSpot is a bit of
technical part, but this DIY guide is
targeted to non-technical people.
Here I’m sharing the complete step
by step guide which you can follow
to add a BlogSpot custom domain to
your blogger blog . In this case, I’m
assuming you have purchased
domain name
from alltipstrickes.net l, and you
have access to your BlogSpot blog.
FYI, I also offer free BlogSpot
custom domain name setup for all
the shouters who are buying
domain name from
Techupdate365.Com to help non-
technical people.
Complete Guide to Setup
BlogSpot With your Custom
Domain Name:
Very first thing which you need to
do is to purchase a domain name,
which will usually cost around $11
for one year. The kind of
advantage custom name will give
you, $11 is completely worth
investing. More over, think about
what sounds much better:
techupdate365.blogspot.com or
If you have never purchased a
domain name before, here are
guides which will help you to select
the right name for your blog. I
recommend you to read it, and
decide the name of domain which
you want to buy. I highly
recommend you to look out for
.com domains instead of any other
(.info, .org).
Once you have decided upon the
domain name, head over
to Alltipstrickes . and purchase your
domain. (5 minute work). It accepts
payment via Paypal, and if you are
in India and don’t have PayPal or
credit card, you can use contact
form and make payment via bank
deposit/net-banking to activate
your domain.
Now, I assume you have two things
with you:
We have to make changes at two
places, and once you setup the
custom domain feature of BlogSpot,
Google will take care of all traffic
migration and you will not lose
any traffic Or back links.
This is the first step where you will
be adding the register domain
name to your blog. Simply login to
your BlogSpot dashboard, and head
over to [ and you will see an option
which says Publishing >+ Add a
custom domain Point your own
registered domain to your blog.
Here you need to add the domain
name that you have purchased, and
after adding the domain name, it
will give two CNAME records and 4
A records which we will be needing
in the next step. Click on + Add a
custom domain, and add the
domain name which you have
purchased. Once you have added
the domain name with www, you
will see an error saying “ [.” and
you will get the CNAME record that
you need to use. (See screenshot)
Now. once you have these CNAME
details, it’s time to login to your
domain control panel, and make
changes. Now, follow the next step
of this guide and your BlogSpot
custom domain name setup will be
finished in no-time.
Setting up CNAME and A Record
for BlogSpot Custom-Domain
This part may sound technical, but
it’s as easy as copy-pasting. If you
are not using ShoutMyDomain to
buy domains, you might have to
figure out on other domain
registrar company on how you can
edit the CNAME and A record. Once
you are inside your domain-
dashboard, it will be as easy as
copy-pasting anything.
Login to your Techupdate365.Com dashboard or if
you using any other domain registrar, login
to that dashboard.
Click on the domain name which you have
purchased inside your dashboard, and you
will be on Manage domain page.
Scroll down until you see the option for
DNS management, and click on
Clicking on Manage DNS will
open a Pop up, where you can
setup your CNAME, A, MX or
any other DNS record related
to your Domain.
ON the Pop-up box, Click on
CNAME record and click on
Add CNAME record.
Now, you need to add 2 CNAME
records, which we already have
from the step 1. (When we
added custom domain name).
Now, all you need to do is, add
the details one by one after
clicking on Add CNAME record,
and add details. I have added
two screenshots in case of any
confusion, you can refer to
Here is the screenshot for first
CNAME record where I have
added www as name and
ghs.google.com as Value. This
CNAME record is same for all
the BlogSpot blogs, and the
second CNAME record will be
specific for your domain name.
And here I have added the
second CNAME record which is
specific to your BlogSPot
custom domain name.
Since you are setting this up for
the first time, instead of
“Modify record” you will see
add record. So don’t get
confuse at any step. In case if
you do, feel free to ask me for
help via comments.
This is the last step where you just
need to add 4 I.P. Address into
your A record. The process is going
to the be the same as above, all you
need to do is click on A record
instead of CNAME, and start
adding the A record. I’m sharing
one screenshot which will show you
how to add A record, and similarly
you can add all 4 A records.
And on the next screen, leave the Host
name part blank and on Destination IPv4
address add
Like this you need to have total 4 A
record and your final screen for A
record will look like this. Here are
the I.P. address of 4 A record
which you need to add.
Here is the final screenshot of my
A record page:
Now once you have setup CNAME
and A record, you need to wait for
1-4 hours for this changes to reflect
and once done, you again need to
go back to your BlogSpot
dashboard, and add custom
domain name like we did in step 1.
Usually after 2-4 hours, you will be
able to add custom name to your
Blogspot blog without any issue. If
you getting the same error “ We
have not been able to verify your
authority to this domain. Error 12. ”
that means, you need to wait for
couple of more hours to add the
custom domain name. So, here is
the final screenshot which I see
after setting it up:
Once it’s added, Google will take
care of redirection part, and
anyone if opens your BlogSpot blog
address, he will be automatically
redirected to your new custom
name. This will also work
seamlessly for internal pages, and
you will not lose any traffic or link-
juice. Also, you need to click on
Edit here, and redirect non www
version of your domain to www.
Simply click on Edit and check the
options which says “ [”
Here is the for setting up Custom
domain name , and below is a
overview video of all the above
mentioned steps he whole process
may look technical, but once you
are inside the dashboard and
follow all the steps mentioned
above, it will be easier for you to
implement. In case if you want my
team to take care of it for free,
simply grab a domain name from
ShoutMydomain, and [ and my
team will set it up for you. If you
have been blogging on BlogSpot
platform for a while or for long
time and not using BlogSpot custom
domain feature, I highly
recommend you to start using it for
better branding and to make your
blog look more professional.
If you are stuck anywhere in the
process and need some help, feel
free to let me know via comments.
If you enjoyed reading this tutorial
and find it useful, do share it on
Facebook and Google plus.

ShoutMeLoud Blogger Template Free Download Now

ShoutMeLoud is a popular well furnished and
useful Blog. ShoutMeLoud template is really so
awesome and cool, But SEO Friendly. I think
every New or Pro Blogger must have this
template which was made by the Popular Blog
named ShoutMeLoud author Harsh Agrawal .
So I'm sharing you this template for free
Download, Because ShoutMeLoud has also a very
good template like other blog's template or just
like our template, So I made a decision to make
a clone version on ShoutMeLoud template and
give it for free to use. But, If you are going to
use this free ShoutMeLoud Cloned Template,
Please put a ShoutMeLoud credit link on the
ShoutMeLoud Template : Demo
ShoutMeLoud Template: Download Now
Features of ShoutMeLoud Blogger

  • ShoutMeLoud cloned template
  • Facebook,Twitter,Google+ at the header
  • Email Subscription widget at the nav bar.
  • Complete customizable design.
  • Custom Logo for you Brand.
  • Adsense integration for Monetizing.
  • SEO enabled for high traffic.
  • Do You Like widget at the footer.
  • Social Sharing icons below post body.
  • Disqus Comment system for easier user interaction
  • Author Comment HighLight.
  • Read More hack pre-installed.
  • SML like Recent,popular post at right sidebar.
  • Floating Widget for Sharing aticles 
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Top 5 Highest AdSense Earners in the World Updated By Techupdate365

There are many AdSense alternatives right now
but, the name Google AdSense is only the
pioneer in affiliate and advertising markets. You
may probably have tried to make money with
AdSense and failed to earn more than $1 a day,
but sometimes even $1 arrives in the balance,
isn't it? But today’s post is about some heroes
who earn millions of dollars per month with
Google AdSense. This is a updated post and
trying to keep update frequently.
For some people have already chosen blogging
as their career and primary income. As a
blogger I know well that how much passionate
they are to blogging. I just want to remember
making money online is not an easy job. But
people I going to mention below achieved that
because of their dedication and hard work. So
don’t be get jealous of them instead of getting
an inspiration. The sites listed below are not
steady and will keep update this post every
month. Think AdSense is not a joke and if you
really wish you can make it as your primary
revenue than another. Have a look at the list of
top 5 AdSense millionaires ever in the world.

Top 5 AdSense Earning

Millionaires in the World

1. Pete Cashmore | Mashable.Com
2. Shawn D. Hogan | Digital Point
3. Markus Frind | PlentyOfFish
4. Robert Kevin Rose | Digg.Com
5. Courtney A. Rosen | eHow.com
As I mentioned above AdSense is not a joke. If
you take it seriously I swear you can make it as
your primary income. before concluding this
post I share my beliefs with you that it's
possible with smart work (not hard work) and
dedication. yes, I use the word smart work
because sometimes working hard never brings
you the complete result. But a smart work may
bring more result with less effort. Use Google
Keyword Planner to find out low competition
keywords with high price. I'm preparing a
detailed guide to help you increase your
AdSense CTR.
Inspired?? Feel free to mention your opinion via
comment below!

How To Start A Successful Blog Or Website In 5 Minutes

Are you ready to start blogging? We are going to learn how to start a successful blog and make money online. You don’t have to be a business owner to have a website, but if you are it will help you greatly. I have been blogging for years and I highly recommend that you read all of my tips. Many people think it takes an hour or more to set up your website and start writing, which is not true.
Below I have added a step by step tutorial on how to create a blog today in 5 minutes with SiteGround, which is the recommended hosting provider. To go straight to this section go to the section that says SG 5 minute tutorial. But once again, this is the ultimate guide for beginners so I encourage you to read everything carefully.

You must choose a niche
The first thing that you need to do to start a good blog is to find out what will your blog be about. You must find your niche. For example, a fashion blog. I’m pretty sure that you already have something brewing in your head as all new bloggers do, but make sure that you are writing about something that you’re good at or you have knowledge about. Write about something that interests you. If you start writing about something that doesn’t really interest you, then it will be hard for. How will it be hard you ask? It’s going to be hard because you’re going to start slacking and getting bored.
In school we all had a subject that we didn’t like. You know when someone doesn’t like a particular class because when you turn your head they are sleeping. Make sure whatever you choose is something that you like to write about because you won’t get far if it’s not. There are many things to blog about. You must find your passion and add your own artistic flavor to it to stand out. Below I gave you examples of different things that people blog about.

Types of blogging niches to help you start
  • Photography
  • Health & Fitness
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Christian
  • Automobiles
  • Parenting
  • Animals

Domain name
You need a domain name of course and I’m pretty sure that you have thought of one in your mind. Just make sure that your name fits your blog. Don’t make a domain like foodanddrink.com and write about bikes. I know what you’re saying, who in their right mind would ever do that? You would be surprised. WithSiteGround you get to make a free domain name when you host with them instead of buying it at GoDaddy. I’m not going to cover too much on this topic because below I will walk you through how to get your free domain name and start your website with SG in 5 minutes, which basically does everything for you.

How can you make money with your blog? 
Now that we have our niche let’s move on to how can we make money with our niche? I would like to start off by saying that you can make money from any type of blog category. There is money to be made everywhere online. It’s possible, but there are some niches that are harder than others. If you hope to one day make a living with your blog picking the right topic can determine how fast you see profit. I bet you’re thinking about ways that you can monetize your website now. The good thing about it is that you don’t need a lot of traffic. There are so many ways to make money from a successful website, you just have to use your head. Below I will show you just a few ways how bloggers can make money.
  • One of the first ways that you can make money with your blog is with Google Adsense. This is where you place display ads on your site and get paid per click. Don’t think that you are going to get rich from Adsense. It’s possible, but most likely not. For some of my sites I got paid 16 cents per click. Some were 50 cents per click and some were over a dollar. Some sites get 10 dollars per click, but it all depends. With Adsense you need traffic. I will say this, that it won’t take long before Adsense is paying for your hosting.
  • Another way that you can make money with your site is with affiliate marketing. This is great for all sites. This is where you promote someone’s products and take in a commission of the sale. For example, let’s say you have an electronics website and you promote a TV for a company and one of your readers buy it, then you get a piece of the pie. Let’s say you have a fashion website and you promote makeup products for a company. If a reader buys it, then you make money off that sale.
  • You can sell your own stuff. You don’t have to be the middle man. Sell your own products and services on your site. Blogging builds a relationship with others. Once you start getting regular readers on your site, then it will be easy to sell your own items.
  • You can sell ad space on your site to companies in your niche. There are plenty of sites like Buysellads.com that can help you with this.

How to get blog traffic and get your brand out there?
Let’s talk about getting traffic to your blog and getting your brand out there. You might think to yourself all I need to do is write blog posts and I’ll rank high on Google. You need more than Google traffic and even with Google I wouldn’t expect anything serious until after 3 months. You need to use social media to your advantage. Never underestimate the power of social media. The good thing about promoting on social sites is that you can start getting traffic immediately. For many sites with over 100,000 visits per month social media is the main source of traffic. Get your name out there. Once you get your name out there your name alone can sell itself. There are so many social media platforms out there. Below I have listed a couple.
  • I highly recommend you join a Google community on Google Plus. There is a community for every niche. Post your blog posts and interact with others. Build a relationship with people in your community. It will really make your blogging life much easier.
  • I highly recommend that you make a Pinterest account and join a group board. Pinterest has driven a massive amount of traffic to my blogs. Not only is Pinterest a good way to get the word out, but with a good strategy you can make a killing from it.
  • Also I recommend leaving quality comments on authoritative blogs in your niche to get the word out.

Blog regularly
I know that sometimes time is a problem. We have to go to work and we’re tired after. We have to go pick up the kids. We have to do this, that, etc. You must try to at least blog 1 or more times a week. Not only does blogging more keep you motivated which results in success and even more blogging, but it’s also good for Google crawling.

Write high quality content
If you write crappy stuff, then you are going to get crappy results. You get back what you put in. Pour your heart out in your blog posts. You must write quality posts. Don’t copy others, be original with your work. You must talk to your readers through your words just like I’m talking to you right now. Try to write over 1000 words per blog post. The more information the better and Google will show you more love. Not only will Google show you more love, but you will get more shares from your readers on social media. Format your words. Add space, add bulletins, add numbers. Attention spans are decreasing these days, so remember to add page breaks and section titles to help your readers.

You need a catchy bomb headline 
You’re going to need better bait if you’re trying to reel in fish. Nobody is going to click on a blog post with a boring title. Bad title tags usually result in bad posts. Even if your work is A+ material nobody is going to find out. Make attention grabbing headlines for your post. Which title would you rather click on, I had a bad day or 5 reasons why my day was awful? Most likely you will click on the 2nd title because it draws you in more. Always remember as well to add keywords in your title tag, but never spam it.

What are backlinks?
Let’s move on to backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links to another site. For example, me linking out to CNN is considered a backlink. When you receive links from other sites, it gives you link juice which helps your post or blog rank better. There are many ways that backlinks help you and there are many ways you can get them. I’ll show you a couple of ways below, but first let me tell you how not get them. I know it might be tempting, but never ever buy 1000 links from a dude on Fiverr for 5 dollars, unless you want Google to slap you with a penalty. Never spam comment sections in an effort to try to link to your website. Never try to manipulate the system. Since we are on this topic I would like to add that you should never keyword stuff. Keyword stuffing is using keywords in an unnatural way to manipulate Google Search.
  • The first way to get other sites to link to you is by writing quality content. If you are writing only 300 words in your posts you are going to make it harder on yourself. There is not going to be that much information, which will result in less backlinks.
  • The second way to get backlinks is by guest blogging. Write for other people in your niche to receive a backlink from them and expose yourself to other readers.

Start getting email signups immediately
You need to get email subscribers. One thing I wish I would have done sooner on my other blogs is build a list, which is a great way of gaining loyal readers. It’s all about the list. Not only does it help you drive traffic to your blog, but it is awesome for promotional purposes. There are many free plugins that can help you with getting subscribers to your blog. But if you want a theme that is designed to help people sign up then take a look at the Generate Pro Theme by Genesis.

Don’t listen to the haters and the critics.
You must remember that not everyone is going to agree with what you have to say. Some people might send you hateful emails and some people might disagree with you in your comment section. You must never let that get to you and cause you to alter your way of doing things. Use it as motivation to become a better blogger.

Reasons to become a blogger.
  • Many times we think our words don’t matter, but just like the Bible says words are powerful and they can really help and inspire others.
  • You will be able to make new friends. Not only will you become friends with your readers, but you will become friends with the different bloggers that are in your niche.
  • You will learn. It’s always good to learn and when you become a blogger you will learn more and more. You will learn how to be a better writer. You will learn more about the topic that you are writing about.
  • With blogging you are able to write about what you love and make a living with it. You are able to work from the comfort of your own home and spend time with your family.
  • One of the best things about blogging is the huge audience. In a few months you can reach thousands of people that you couldn’t reach in real life.
  • The opportunities online are endless. Blogging opens up more opportunities for you to do other things and improve your business.
  • Some people find that it’s hard for them to express themselves to people in real life. Blogging makes it easier to say what you feel.
  • You will enhance your thinking skills. When you are constantly writing you always have to constantly think deeper and deeper on how to get your point across, what would be the best strategy for your site, etc.

Never compare yourself to others.
Don’t copy someone else’s writing style. In the real world you’re not going to switch up your voice and start talking differently. Someone who knows you is going to say, “dude that’s not how you sound, you don’t talk like that”. Don’t create a fake personality for the online community. Your true friends like you for you. If they wanted to be with the popular people, then they would be with the popular people. This is the same for your readers. They like your style so never change it.

Don’t lose focus when you achieve success.
Sometimes a successful blog is a curse, let me explain how. When you’re trying to reach your goals that is when you work the hardest. That is when you grind hard in pursuit of what you’re after. You keep pushing because you haven’t reached your goal yet. I guarantee that if you keep on blogging and don’t quit, then you will have success. The problem is that when you have accomplished your goals, then you start getting comfortable. Your work starts to slip. In the beginning you were posting A+ material, then it turned to C-. You start losing the passion you had for writing and the friendship you once had with your readers. Be very careful.

Learn from your mistakes.
In blogging we all make mistakes, but that should never cause us to give up. Just like God allows trials to build up his children, we should use our blogging trials to grow in wisdom so we don’t repeat the mistake. I learned from my mistakes. My first blog which was years ago was a total flop. At first it was growing. I was so ecstatic to see that it was growing fast, then one day I looked in my Google Analytics and my daily traffic plummeted to zero. My heart plummeted as well. A few days later I only gained about 25% percent of my original traffic. To this very day I don’t know exactly what caused this because I did a lot of things wrong. I keyword stuffed my tags and my images. Not only that, but I changed most of my post permalinks which created broken links. Never ever change a permalink after you have created your post.
Imagine what would have happened if I stopped blogging after this. I got back up and I was able to make an even better blog and never again did I get hit with a penalty.

Capture your ideas.
If you’re anything like me you are very forgetful. Have you ever had a world domination plan in your head just to forget it one minute later? My phone has become a great blogging tool. You have two options. You can either use your phone to voice record all of those instant ideas that you may have or you can write down your thoughts in your notepad immediately.

What platform should you use?
Many people wonder out of Blogger vs WordPress which is better? The answer is easy, WordPress of course. Always remember that there is a difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. They’re both free, but for one you have to pay for hosting. No serious blogger is going to choose a free hosted platform. If you hope to have a future with your site and to brand your blog, then never make this mistake. When your site is located on a free hosting platform like WordPress.com or Blogger then you don’t own the site. Your site can be shut down for any reason, which does indeed happen a lot. You will have to have an ugly domain name such as domain.wordpress.com or domain.blogspot.com. Professionalism is thrown out the window. If you happen to be on a free hosted platform, then I highly recommend that you move immediately.

Don’t procrastinate
To start a successful blog, you actually have to start it. We know that we’re going to do it, but for some reason we waste time. I’ve done it before so I know from experience. The longer you take to start, the longer it will be for you to become a successful blogger. Don’t regret not starting sooner for something you know you are going to do, start today.

Now I always recommend SG to everyone. It is extremely cheap, it lets you choose the data center, and it sets up the site for you with their preinstall option. SG is only $3.95 a month, which is basically snack money. SG walks you through everything. From the starting point of your sign up you can easily start blogging in minutes, which I will show you right now. Click here to open SiteGround at 60% off in another tab as I walk you through the quick process.

SG 4 minute tutorial
  1. Click see plans or WordPress services.
  2. Select your blogging plan. Choose the startup plan.
  3. If you have a domain already you can use your existing domain, but if you don’t then make one for free.
  4. If the domain is available it will say congratulations on top!
  5. Now you must add your account information, billing information, etc. 
  6. You are not required to add extras if you don’t want them.
  7. Continue and you now have hosting. Click the get WordPress preinstall option and proceed and they will handle the rest. 
  8. Make your login information and choose any template for now.
  9. You’re finished and your website is up. 
  10. Log into your website.
  11. Now you can start making posts.
  12. I told you it was easy and fast 🙂

Plugins that I recommend you install.
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Any Social sharing plugin.

What is the best WordPress theme for blogging?
You need a fast SEO friendly theme for your blog. WordPress has a huge selection of free themes to choose from, but if you are serious about blogging you are going to have to buy a theme. I highly recommend that you choose Genesis or Thesis, which is what the top bloggers use. Preferably Genesis because it is easier to use. Check out Genesis here.

 5 Blogging quotes to motivate you.
  • Successful blogging is not about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.” David Aston
  • Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. Brad Paisley
  • Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers. Brian Clark
  • Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.
  • I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you I didn’t give up.

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